What’s the difference between Unistrip and GenUltimate test strips?

If you are considering using generic test strips for your OneTouch blood glucose meter(s), you might be wondering what the difference between Unistrip and GenUltimate is and whether you should choose one over the other.

Blood Glucose Test Strips 50ct

Unistrip Test Strips 50 count

(12) $10.99

There is a considerable advantage to using one of these brands of generic test strips; the most significant is that you will have more money in your pocket at the end of the day, but there are a few important differences between the two that may help you choose.

Both brands of test strips have similarities. For example, they both are made for use with OneTouch meters (not for use with Verio meters), they are both economical, and they both deliver fast and accurate results. They also make it more affordable to use the OneTouch system, which is at the high end of the scale in terms of diabetic supply costs. Making testing more affordable may help you maintain better health and lower A1C levels over time and this is a major advantage.

Comparing GenUltimate and Unistrip

So, let’s look at the differences between GenUltimate and Unistrip:

1. Cost

Unistrip1 test strips cost slightly less than GenUltimate, but not significantly less. One 50-count box of Unistrip1 generic test strips costs $13.59 while the same quantity of GenUltimate test strips is $13.99. They both offer an autoship plan to save you even more money. For 30, 60, or 90-day subscriptions, the cost of a 50-count box of Unistrip1 can go down to just $10.49 per box (based on a 90-day shipment plan). GenUltimate will cost $11.89 per box for the same frequency.

2. Meter Compatibility

Unistrip1 works with all OneTouch blood glucose meters including OneTouch Ultra, OneTouch Ultra2, and OneTouch UltraMini, and UltraSmart, except for the OneTouch Vario meter, while GenUltimate is approved for use with OneTouch Ultra, OneTouch Ultra2, and OneTouch UltraMini blood glucose meters, except for the OneTouch Vario meter.

3. Control Solutions

Unistrip offers its own brand of control solutions while GenUltimate uses the more expensive OneTouch branded control solutions. This means that choosing Unistrip1 may save you a bit of money on control solutions in the long run.

4. Test Strip Features

GenUltimate offers some features that Unistrip1 lacks, such as an EZ-Fill window that tells you when your sample is ready for testing. Comparatively, the required sample size for GenUltimate is on par with the major name-brand test strips. The GenUltimate packaging may also be easier to handle for some people.

5. Made in the USA vs. Overseas

GenUltimate test strips are made by PharmaTech, an American company based right here in the USA. Unistrip1 test strips are made by OK Biotech Co. Ltd., which is based in Taiwan.

Ultimately, it’s important to choose a test strip based on how they perform for you. Since every individual is unique, there is no “one-size-fits-all” blanket answer as to which test strip is better than the other.

Consider trying out both brands of generic OneTouch test strips to see which one you like best. Whichever one you decide to go with, Unistrip1 or GenUltimate, you can be fully confident that you are getting excellent quality and accurate results.

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.