Where To Buy Dario Test Strips

where to buy dario test strips

Dario test strips are for use with the Dario Smart glucose meter to quantitatively measure your blood glucose (sugar) levels. What makes Dario unique is that it turns your smart phone into a glucose monitor. Simply plugin your Dario meter into your phone and there you have it – a full-stack glucose monitor in your pocket. Use it at home or on the go. The Dario app will track all your readings and you can easily share it with your health care professionals.

Buy Dario Test Strips/Bundles

We have compiled a list of Dario test strips listing here:

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Dario Blood Glucose Test Strips

Dario test strips are small, easy to use, and deliver accurate results in as little as 6 seconds.

Dario blood glucose test strips are for use with Dario Smart Meter (designed for use with phones with an audio jack) and Dario LC meter (designed for use with phones without an audio jack.

Dario test strips feature an easy to open flip top cartridge to keep test strips fresh for a longer period and to make them easily portable with your Dario glucose meter. No more carrying around inconvenient test strip vials. Each Dario test strip cartridge holds 25 strips. The cartridge snaps into the modular Dario Housing.

When it’s time to test your glucose levels simply remove the decorative cap on your Dario meter and pull out a new strip. Place the test strips into your meter and you’re ready to test your glucose level. It’s that simple.

The Dario Test Strip is the only strip used with the Dario glucose monitoring system used for the accurate monitoring of blood glucose testing at home or on-the-go. The small blood samples required and the built in test strip cartridge makes blood glucose testing extremely easy.

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