True Metrix Meter Kit

Nipro True Metrix Meter

The True Metrix glucose monitoring system uses True Metrix glucose test strips to quantitatively measure the glucose levels in fresh capillary whole blood samples. The True Metrix meter will not work with other Nipro glucose test strips including TRUEtest, TRUETrack, TRUEread, or TRUEbalance – ONLY use the True Metrix.

The performance of TRUE METRIX meter is above and beyond most leading brands. When you combine its proven accuracy with the ability to save you money True Metrix is the best value.

True Metrix is an easy-to-use self-monitoring blood glucose meter with advanced event tags that empowers users to make the connection between personal lifestyle and results. True Metrix meter provides this information to help users make informed decisions to actively and effectively manage their diabetes.

The True Metrix Even Tagging technology features advanced event tags that combine lifestyle with management.

True Metrix is all about true performance. The meter is fast when it comes to delivering results. It requires a tiny blood sample – 0.5 microliter – and returns reliable glucose readings as fast as 4 seconds.

TRUE Metrix Meter Kit

  • Event Tagging: make the connection between personal lifestyle and results.
  • Data Management Capabilities: 500 test memory including date/time and 7-, 14-, 30-day averaging.
  • Strip Release Button: eliminates handling of test strips after testing.
  • Elegant, Black Soft-Touch: soft textured meter casing makes it easy to handle.

Nipro True Metrix meter delivers clinically accurate results and yet is an affordable option for individuals with diabetes.


The True Metrix meter kit includes the following:

  • TRUE Metrix Meter
  • 10 True Metrix Test Strips
  • Control Solution – 3mL
  • Lancing device (Uses most lancets)
  • 10 Sterile Lancets
  • Installed 3 Volt Battery
  • Instructions for Use (Read before use)
  • Self Test Log Book
  • Compact Carrying Case


  • No coding required
  • Results as fast as 4 seconds
  • Tiny 0.5 microliter Sample Size
  • Alternate site testing
  • 7- 14- and 30-day averaging
  • Event tagging
  • 4 testing reminder alarms
  • Audible fill detection
  • Glucose control detection
  • Ketone Test Reminder
  • Strip release button
  • Download Capabilities

True Metrix glucose test strips featuring Triple Sense Technology automatically detects, analyzes and corrects variables in each blood sample to ensure proven accuracy and confidence in results.

You may use the Nipro True Metrix Control Solution to check that the True Metrix meter and test strips are working correctly. It is important that you carry out this simple check regularly. For precise instructions please check the True Metrix manual provided in the glucose meter box.

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