gather a few things

Setting up your store is as easy as packing up for a hike.
Begin Store setup

Store Set-up Requirements

We have simplified everything for you to hit the ground running.

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The essentials you need to set up a store

When you register a seller account you will be asked to provide basic business information. Once your registration is complete you will need to configure a few settings launch your store.

Here is a list of what you need to prepare to launch your store:

  • Gather your business info (ex. name, address, seller’s permit).
  • Pick a store name, logo and banner.
  • Define your shipping methods and configure tax settings.
  • Create content for your policy pages (ex. shipping, refund).
  • Put together a list of products you would like to sell.
  • Assign existing products to your store or create new one, set prices and and launch your store live!
essentials you need to set up your store
things to do stand out
Stand out from the crowd

Want your store to be a top seller? Here are simple measures you can take to boots your sales

  • Set competitive prices
  • Offer free shipping and fast delivery
  • Use better product images
  • Collect customer review s to improve your seller ranking
  • Respond to customer pre- and post-sale inquiry in a timely manner
  • Learn more about boosting your sales […]