Relieving Diabetic Foot Pain with Advocate Freedom Night Foot Cream

For anybody who suffers from diabetic foot pain, Advocate Freedom Night Foot Cream is a safe and effective way to relieve the nagging nerve pain and to hydrate and care for your feet at the same time.

Diabetic neuropathy affects between 60 – 70 percent of people with diabetes. Neuropathy, simply put, is nerve damage. In diabetics, it is often caused by an inability to properly control blood sugar, but it also has a few other risk factors.

If you are:

  • Overweight
  • Older than 40 years of age
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have high cholesterol
  • Have blood sugars that are consistently higher than your target

You are at a much higher risk for neuropathy.

What causes diabetic nerve pain?

High blood sugar impairs a lot of processes in your body. Over an extended period of time, it will cause injury to the small blood vessels and nerves throughout your body, but it always starts with the extremities that are furthest away from the spinal cord—in other words, the hands, the toes, and the feet.

Nerve damage in diabetics means that the nerves in the hands and feet don’t process pain signals properly. This can cause your hands and feet to lose feeling, feel numb or tingly, and for some, it can be very painful. This type of nerve damage can also impair your body’s ability to feel pain, heat or cold. When coupled with poor circulation, this can lead to injury, infections that don’t heal, and in extreme cases, amputation.

Getting a better night’s sleep with Advocate Freedom Night Foot Cream

If you suffer from diabetic foot pain, it is often difficult to get comfortable at night and you may have trouble sleeping. The burning pain just doesn’t seem to let up for a moment, and nighttime is when it seems to be at its worst. For some, even the gentle touch of a bedsheet is intolerable.

Advocate Freedom Night Foot Cream is a product that has worked very well for a great many people. It is highly moisturizing, so it is also good for healing cracked and chapped skin. It contains natural ingredients and oils, including hyaluronic acid, a compound that helps the skin retain moisture more efficiently while working to repair and rebuild damaged tissue.

For many people with diabetes, Advocate Freedom Night Foot Cream has become an essential addition to their medicine cabinet. Though it is advertised as a “night cream”, it can be used any time you need some neuropathy pain relief. Its non-greasy formula soaks into the skin quickly, so it can be used under clothing without worry of staining.

Simply apply a thin film before bedtime, or whenever you require pain relief. Allow a few minutes for the cream to soak in. For best results, use nightly, as it will continue to moisturize and protect. With regular use, Advocate Freedom Night Foot Cream will prevent cracking and may help you avoid contracting dangerous infections.

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