Reliamed Lancets

Reliamed Lancets 100 count

ReliaMed lancets are sterile, disposable devices used to obtain a capillary blood sample. Reliamed lancets are available in several variations as follow:

  • Reliamed Lancets 100 count 30G
  • Reliamed Lancets 100 count 28G
  • Reliamed Twist & Cap Lancets 100 count 28G
  • Reliamed Pull-Top Lancets 100 count 30G

ReliaMed lancets are for use with Reliamed Mini Lancing Device and are compatible with most standard lancing devices.

ReliaMed lancets are uniquely designed with wings on each side of the lancet cap that contribute to the ease of twisting and recapping. Needles have tri-bevel, electropolished tips for maximum comfort.

Reliamed lancets ensure that accurate blood samples can be obtained with any skin type, quickly, easily and consistently. The tri-beveled needle enhances user comfort and reduces tissue damage.


  • Available in twit and pull top form
  • Available in 28G and 30G
  • Single use; sterile
  • Sterile, disposable Twist & Cap lancets
  • Ultra-thin
  • tri-bevel needle tip for painless and comfortable sampling
  • Enclosed in sealed, protective bag
  • light weight, sterile and easy to use
  • Latex free
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