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Embrace glucose test strips are designed to work with Embrace Blood Glucose Monitoring System to deliver fast and accurate glucose readings. Omanis Embrace test strips require a tiny blood sample. Furthermore, Embrace can test for blood glucose other than your fingertip such as palm and forearm.

Omnis Embrace Test Strips

Embrace test strips offer alternate site testing and require no coding. The Instant Triple Check System of Embrace test strip ensures precise results every time. Its Fill Detection verifies sample is adequate. Pinpoint technology detects the blood sample.

Instant Three-Step Verification Ensures Accurate Results

  1. Confirms Test Strip Positioned Correctly
  2. Pinpoint Technology Detects Sample
  3. Fill Detection Verifies Sample Is Adequate



Omnis Embrace blood glucose test strips work with No Coding meter which means fewer steps for you while testing your glucose levels. Using the Embrace test strips, you will have the talking feature of Embrace system that enables you to hear your glucose readings.


  • Small Sample Size Needed
  • Easy to Handle
  • No Coding Required
  • Alternate Site Testing

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