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The Embrace glucose meter is easy, accurate and safe. The bi-lingual talking feature can be used as a verbal assistance for using the meter. Embrace meter offers a simple and accurate way to quantify your blood glucose using fresh capillary whole blood taken from fingertips, palm, or forearm. The Embrace meter talks to you through your testing procedure and tells you your results in English and Spanish.

The auto-coding can help minimize the chance of inaccurate glucose readings caused by incorrect coding of the meter.  The Embrace No Code meter is a portable battery operated meter intended for use as an aid by persons with diabetes and by health care professionals to monitor glucose concentration in whole blood. Embrace is a No Coding meter which means fewer steps for you while testing your blood sugar.

Embrace No Code meter works with Embrace test strips to to deliver fast and accurate glucose readings. Omanis Embrace meter requires a tiny blood sample. Furthermore, Embrace can test for blood glucose other than your fingertip such as palm and forearm.


  • Talking Meter: the talking feature talks you through the testing procedure and speaks your results – in English or Spanish.
  • No Coding: a convenient feature that guarantees that user error is minimized and accuracy enhanced.
  • Standard Batteries: Easy to find and install, the Embrace glucose monitoring system uses standard AAA batteries.
  • Large Display: the Embrace’s large display allows easy viewing of your blood glucose results and meter functions
  • Alternate Site Testing: the Embrace glucose monitoring system can test for blood glucose other than your fingertip such as palm and forearm.


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