Prodigy Voice: A Fully Audible, No-Coding Blood Glucose Monitor

Prodigy Voice is a fully audible blood glucose monitoring system specifically designed for blind and low vision users.

For the visually impaired, testing blood glucose can be a challenge. However, it is also a necessity in order to stay on top of your diabetes self-management program. Knowing what your blood glucose levels are important to your wellbeing and your overall health. This is how you determine how much insulin is needed to correct your blood sugar, but inaccurate results can lead to serious health problems.

Even if your vision is normally good, abnormally high or low blood sugar may cause blurred vision, leading to an inaccurate or misinterpreted reading.

Talking blood glucose meters are easy to use for everybody

If you have vision problems, it may be difficult to use standard blood glucose meters. Today, fortunately, there are talking glucose meters available to help you. Prodigy was the first company to offer a fully audible talking glucose meters, making them a leader in this niche.

Prodigy Voice

Prodigy Voice has a range of features that make it the top choice among talking meters. While other talking meters have features, such as memory, codes, and time-and-date stamps, that will require the assistance of a sighted person. This is where the Prodigy Voice differentiates itself in a big way.


Prodigy Voice not only stores up to 450 readings in its memory, it also provides averages over 7, 14, 21 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. It speaks every feature and talks you through each one, from the initial setup to testing and reviewing its memory.

Some other features include:

  • It doesn’t use coding, so every result is understood without having to translate a code
  • Support for low-sight individuals includes large color-coded buttons for contrast
  • Has a volume control
  • Includes a headphone jack so you can keep your testing discreet
  • USB port to download results into Prodigy’s diabetes management software
  • One-touch button repeats the last reading or message
  • Test strip port is well-defined and easy to find by touch

Another interesting feature is that it can help dyslexic people as well. In this case, it will deliver both a visual and an audio result to ensure that the correct readings are recorded – and as we all know, accuracy is all-important in the effective management of diabetes.

Some of the comments from Prodigy Voice users may be helpful:

  • Highly accurate
  • Provides results in seven seconds
  • Powers on automatically when you insert the test strip
  • Large, imprinted, raised buttons
  • Accurate results from a small sample size
  • Very easy to setup and use

Prodigy Voice supports your independence

With audible support from your Prodigy Voice, you can expect to lead a more independent life as you will not have to involve other people every time you need to test your blood sugar.

The Prodigy Voice was designed for people who are blind or who have low-vision challenges. It offers easy accessibility to all the advanced features you would expect from a leading blood glucose meter and it can be used independently by most individuals, sighted or otherwise.

Diabetic Plaza is currently offering the Prodigy Voice Meter in a handy kit that bundles test strips, control solution, lancets, a lancing device, batteries, a carrying case, log book, and more.

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