PRODIGY Twist Top Lancets 28G 100 count

PRODIGY Twist Top Lancets 100 count 28G

PRODIGY Twist Top Lancets 28 gauge are light weight, sterile and easy to use. Prodigy Twist Top lancets feature tri-beveled and fine gauge for virtually pain free glucose testing. Prodigy lancets fit almost all lancing devices. Prodigy Twist Top lancets are sterilized to ensure your safety during the testing process.


  • Works with most lancing devices
  • Fine gauge, tri-bevel tip for virtually painless sampling.
  • Consistent depth penetration.
  • Unique design fits almost all lancing devices.

To Use your Prodigy lancets:

1. Twist off the protective cap.
2. After use dispose the lancet in a puncture resistant container.


  • Do not use the Prodigy lancet if the protective cap has been previously damaged or removed.
  • Do not store you Prodigy lancets in lancing device.
  • Do not reuse lancets.
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