Organize Your Pen Needles and Medications with Advocate NeedleBay

Keeping your insulin, needles, and oral medications organized is important for effective diabetes management. The Advocate NeedleBay system addresses this concern, taking the stress and complexities out of daily dosing and testing and providing you with a way to ensure compliance with your treatment program.

Each NeedleBay pod has two, four, or up to seven compartments. Two compartments are specifically for pen needles and two are to store oral medications. The clear housing on the NeedleBay pods ensures that you have a good visual of what you have or have not used, helping you reduce missed doses and double-dosing.

The pods themselves lock securely so you can keep them in your purse or handbag and not have to worry about pricking your fingers when you go searching for it.

When it comes time to use your pen needle, simply open one of the NeedleBay pod doors, peel off the protective film on the pen needle, and insert the pen. There is no need to touch the pen needle at all as the housing stays in the pod until you are able to dispose of it safely.

Here are the benefits of using Advocate NeedleBay:

1. Convenient for on-the-go

NeedleBay pods are small enough to keep in your handbag, so it’s easy to stay organized at work or play – no matter what you get up to.

2. Eliminate double-dosing

The clear pods make it easy to see whether a pen needle has been used or not, meaning you won’t have to second-guess yourself ever again.

3. Never miss a dose

You will be able to see your medications and pen needles clearly so you will know at-a-glance if you have a dose coming up.

4. Organize your oral medications

NeedleBay pods help you keep your oral medications organized too. With all your medications and supplies consolidated into one handy unit, you won’t have to carry medication bottles or separate pill containers anymore.

5. Safe storage of pen needles

The two pen needle bays hold your pen needles securely until it’s time to use them. Once you have finished, simply return the needle to the container, unscrew your pen, and store the used pen needles safely until you can discard them in an appropriate sharps container. Pen needles always stay safely housed in their dispensers so you won’t have to worry about accidentally pricking your fingers.

6. Easy loading and disposal

At the end of the day, simply open the NeedleBay doors and dispose of the used pen needles in your sharps container. In the morning, load up your NeedleBay with pen needles and oral medications and you’re ready to go.

7. Keep supplies and medications organized

NeedleBay gives you an easy way to stay on top of your treatment protocol so you can stop worrying and focus on doing the things you need to do.

8. Compact and lightweight

NeedleBay pods are compact and lightweight. They fit in the palm of your hand and come with a handy carrying case for your convenience.

In conclusion, Advocate NeedleBay is a handy and practical tool that can help you better manage daily diabetes medication. Shop Advocate NeedleBay products today.

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