Nipro TRUEplus Ketone Test Strips

Nipro TRUEplus Ketone Test Strips 50 count

TRUEplus ketone test strips are intended to use for urinalysis. By using TRUEplus ketone test strips you can measure the ketone levels in the urine. TRUEplus ketone test strips deliver fast and accurate results in as little as 15 seconds.

Ketone found in the urine test can provide valuable information about carbohydrate and fat metabolism. By utilizing TRUEplus Ketone Strips for Urine Analysis you can learn about the changes in your body and therefore take proper action to adjust your medication or diet accordingly. TRUEplus ketone test strips can help you indicate how food choices impact the body’s ability to burn fat. TRUEplus ketone test strips are for in vitro use only.

Keep Ketones In Check

TRUEplus Ketone Test Strips for urinalysis can help you monitor your ketone levels by providing fast and accurate results. It’s important to avoid the presence of ketones in your urine. If ketones are present, please see a Doctor to have your ketone level tested.


  • TRUEplus ketone test strips deliver results quickly in just 15-second
  • TRUEplus features 6-level color chart for urine analysis
  • Convenient flip-top vial for easy use of ketone test strips
  • TRUEplus is suitable for people with Diabetes and Low-carb Dieters
  • Only a small urine sample is required
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