Free Blood Glucose Meter Deals

If you are in search of a new blood glucose monitor, there are several manufacturers that are currently offering them free blood glucose meter with the purchase of test strips or other essential diabetes testing supplies. Taking advantage of this special offer can save you up to $40 on a brand-new meter from brands that include CareTouch, Bayer, Embrace, Advocate, and more.

It is so important to test your blood regularly and having a new meter not only assures accuracy, but it gives you access to the latest technology, which could help to simplify diabetes care and make it more convenient.

Let’s take a look at the available list of free blood glucose meter deals. Please note that the free blood glucose meter deals may be unavailable from time to time. 


The EasyMax Voice glucose meter is a compact, portable device that speaks your test results to you – perfect if you have issues with your vision. It delivers results in less than five seconds and stores up to 480 tests in memory to help you keep track of your progress over time. With the purchase of 200 EasyMax test strips, the EasyMax Voice can be yours for free.


The CareTouch meter is another popular monitoring system. With the purchase of a 300 test-strip bundle, you will get the CareTouch meter for free. It features a large, easy-to-read LCD display, super-fast, five-second results, pre, and post-meal flagging, and 14-day averaging so you can track your progress over time.


The Embrace free glucose meter offer bundles the meter and 200 test strips. It can deliver accurate results from a tiny sample size and offers great features including talking meter, no coding, standard batteries, large meter display, and Alternate Site Testing (AST).

True Metrix

The True Metrix free meter deal bundles 200 True Metrix test strips and a True Metrix meter kit. This meter needs only a tiny sample to deliver accurate results and it will clearly show you whether a sufficient sample has been applied. It corrects for temperature and hematocrit and will store up to 500 test results in memory with seven, 14 or 30-day averaging. One of the True Metrix’ nicest features is that it connects results to environmental and physiological factors, which could help you pinpoint events in your life that are contributing to low or high results. It also will remind you to test your ketones and gives you the ability to download your results so you can share them with your healthcare provider.

Bayer Contour

The Bayer Contour free glucose meter offer bundles the meter, lancets, a lancing device, and 200 test strips. It can deliver accurate results in less than five seconds from a tiny sample size and offers features than many other meters do not. For instance, it automatically compensates for substances that usually interfere with the accuracy of test results, like acetaminophen and vitamin C.

Free pet blood glucose meter

The offer of a free meter extends to pet owners as well. Advocate, a leading manufacturer of medical supplies and diabetes care products, is on the leading edge of pet diabetes management. Their meters, bought new, can cost up to $60, so this deal represents an excellent value you should take them up on. The PetTest kit contains everything you need to get started testing your pet, including control solutions, a lancing device, lancets, test strips, and batteries for the meter itself.

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