Best Price On TickleFLEX Insulin Pen Needle Injection Aid

Best Price On TickleFLEX Insulin Pen Needle Injection Aid

TickleFLEX is a universal fit insulin pen injection aid that makes injecting a safer, more comfortable, more consistent and worry-free process for kids and adults. It does so by:

  • Allowing you to pinpoint the injection site by preventing needle from slipping therefore minimizing the risk of needle stick injuries.
  • Reliving the pain of injection by gently squeezing the sub-dermal tissue using its unique silicone tentacles
  • Hiding the needle, reducing stress and needle phobia
  • Preventing the needle from going in too deep due to its large pad area therefore substantially reducing bruising
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TickleFLEX is the multi award winning accessory for your insulin pen that is widely recommended by diabetes professionals – because it eases the ordeal of self injecting. Simply attach it to the universal single use needle and inject in the normal way, but now with less pain, bruising and anxiety.

TickleFlex Features

  • TickleFLEX attaches to the end of the insulin pen therefore hiding the needle which in turn reduces stress and needle phobia in children.
  • It fits any 4 – 6 mm universal needle making an ideal aid for insulin injections.
  • It’s made from high quality silicon.
  • The silicon has an anti-microbial additive and can be repeatedly washed or even boiled for disinfection.
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