ARKRAY Assure Platinum Glucose Test Strips

ARKRAY Assure Platinum Glucose Test Strips 50 cout & 100 count

The Arkray Assure Platinum glucose test strips are for use with with the Assure Platinum Glucose Meter to quantitatively measure glucose levels in fresh capillary whole blood samples.

The ARKRAY USA Assure platinum utilizes glucose oxidase chemistry to obtain results. The Assure Platinum test strips require no coding strips that does not need to be calibrated before use, this saves time and money. Assure Platinum is a highly accurate blood glucose testing in a Feature-focused System. Assure Platinum test strips are made by ARKRAY, one of the leading manufacturers of diabetic supplies.


  • For use with ARKRAY Assure Platinum Meter
  • Includes 2 vials of 50 test strips – total of 100 test strips
  • Assure Platinum strips wick blood using capillary action.
  • No coding
  • Uses glucose oxidase chemistry
  • Require only 0.5μL of blood
  • Sample application tip
  • Reaction site
  • Moisture-proof, light-protected bottle

You may use the ARKRAY Assure Control Solution to check that the ARKRAY Assure Platinum meter and test strips are working correctly. It is important that you carry out this simple check regularly. For precise instructions please check the Assure Platinum manual provided in the test strips box.

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