Advocate PetTest: A Complete Solution for Monitoring Your Pet’s Glucose Level at Home

If your dog or cat has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, it is your job to help them lead as happy and as normal a life as you would want for yourself in the same situation. Unfortunately, our furry friends can’t tell us how they are feeling at any given time, so it is up to us to take the lead and ensure we are doing everything we can. 

A healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise is always key to a happy, healthy pet. Having an accurate, reliable system to test and monitor their blood glucose is equally as important – but many do not realize that pets have their own, very specific needs for treatment and monitoring. To this end, they need their own specialized equipment to ensure they are getting the proper care. If monitored and treated properly, in many cases it is reasonable to assume that your pet can enjoy a full, happy, and long life, and possibly even remission from diabetes.

Using human blood testing equipment and supplies on your diabetic pet is not the best way to support them. Dogs and cats have a much different blood composition than humans, so the kind of monitors and supplies we would use on ourselves would yield a much different result.

The Advocate PetTest Glucose Meter Kit is specially designed with pets in mind. While it provides accurate blood glucose testing results for both dogs and cats (a simple switch can toggle you between dog or cat setups), the optimum blood glucose level you should be aiming for is something only your veterinarian can provide.

(1) $29.95

The PetTest kit comes with everything you need to get started on testing:

  • Advocate PetTest Glucose Meter
  • (10) Advocate PetTest Test Strips
  • (1) Advocate PetTest Lancing Device
  • (10) Advocate PetTest Lancets
  • (1) Advocate PetTest Control Solution
  • (2) ‘AAA’ Alkaline Batteries
  • (1) User’s Guide
  • (1) Quick Start Guide

To help you track your pets’ progress over time, the Advocate PetTest monitor allows you to store up to 400 species-specific results. This is a handy tool when communicating with your vet, as keeping track of everything you need to do in treatment can be daunting. This gives you one less thing to worry about, ensuring you are delivering accurate information so that they can make the best possible decisions for the health of your furry loved ones.

Need extra supplies?

Once the blood glucose testing supplies in your kit have run out, you are going to need more. Advocate PetTest has a full range of pet testing supplies, including Pet Test Strips, Pet Lancets, and Pet Control SolutionsFor great value, consider purchasing 200 Advocate Test Strips and get a free blood glucose testing meter and the full range of supplies for one low price.

Our four-legged friends depend on us for the best possible care. Make sure you are doing everything you can with Advocate PetTest.

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