5 Glucose Test Strip Systems You Have Not Heard Of

If you use a glucose monitoring system to check your blood glucose levels at home you are certainly familiar with many different brands of glucose test strips, meters, lancets, lancing devices, and all other necessary glucose testing accessories that are available to patients with diabetes.

Most people in the United States test their glucose levels with either a well-know test strip brand such as Accu-Chek, OneTouch, FreeStyle, Nipro, or Bayer or a less-known brand such as Prodigy, Advocate, Embrace, or Arkray.

While the decision to which test strip system to go with depends on many factors such as insurance, the budget seems to be the main concern for those who are un-insured, under-insured, or need more test strips than for what they are covered by insurance.

So, what to do?

For those folks who find themselves battling with any of the aforementioned circumstances, consider switching to a more affordable brand. A test strip brand that gives you reliable results, is simple to use and most importantly is affordable. Here I have listed for you 3 glucose test strips that you may have not heard of before but could very well replace your existing test strips system.

CareSens N Test Strips

CareSens N test strip is a great alternative to many brands. When it comes to features and quality CareSens can keep up with many popular test strip brands.

CareSense N test strips require no coding, which means one less step in testing and eliminates errors due to a user miscoding. CareSens N glucose test strips are for use with the CareSens N meter.

CareSens N glucose test strips are designed for easy handling. Blood sample is automatically drawn into the test strip. Care Sens N is an affordable test strip and yet delivers clinically accurate results in as little as 5 seconds.


  • Sample Size Needed – 0.5 uL Sample
  • 5 Second Test
  • Easy to Handle
  • No Coding Required
  • Accurate Results
  • Alternate Site Testing

EvenCare G2 Test Strips

The EvenCare G2 glucose test strips are for use with EvenCare G2 blood glucose monitoring system. Even Care G2 blood glucose monitoring system features advanced technologies to make it easier for users to measure their glucose levels.


  • Easy-to-use voice assistance guides you through the testing process and provides you with your results
  • Minimizes errors and inaccurate results
  • Fast test time; results in 6 seconds
  • Small blood requirement, only 1.0uL, means less discomfort
  • Option to test on the forearm, palm or fingertips
  • Offers safe and accurate testing at the a price you can afford

Hepro.US Test Strips

Hepro.US is a new test strip system that does not the have the any modern features, but it has the necessary features found in all test strip systems. Hepro.US could be a great option for those seeking affordable, basic, and yet reliable home glucose testing.

Hepro.US MM1000 blood glucose test strips are for use with the Hepro.US glucose meter to quantitatively measure your blood glucose (sugar) levels in fresh capillary whole blood samples drawn from the fingertip. Hepro.US test strips are small, easy to use, and deliver accurate results in as little as 5 seconds.


  • Small Sample Size Needed only 0.5µl
  • Rapid Test Time – as fast as 5 seconds
  • Quick and Accurate Results
  • Easy to Use

Blood Glucose Test Strips 50ct

CareSens N Test Strips 50 count

(18) $9.99
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